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Save Money and Time with Virtual Administrators

As a dental professional, your top priority is the health of your patients. However, every minute that you and your team spend on administrative tasks is a minute that you’re not spending on your patients. Therefore, outsourcing tasks to virtual administrators allows you to focus on your patients and grow your practice.  

Dental Practice Enhancement is here to help you realize your practice’s full potential. Our expertise and innovative applications help you streamline your practice, saving you precious time and money. So, don’t delay–schedule a coaching session now by calling 833-373-3678 or reaching us online here

But don’t take our word for it! Keep reading to see how hiring virtual administrators with Dental Practice Enhancement is a hassle-free way to grow your practice and maximize your earning potential.

What are virtual administrators?

A dental virtual administrator is a trained professional who works remotely and understands the intricacies of dental insurance, billing, and procedures. Our Dental Practice Enhancement virtual administrators have extensive experience and training navigating the tricky world of medical billing and insurance claims. 

Why should I outsource my administrative tasks?

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time or skills to tackle billing, coding, and insurance? Is your front office team overwhelmed with their ever-growing list of tasks to complete? Are you noticing that your team is spending more time on the phone with insurance companies than with patients? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you need virtual administrators.

When you outsource your administrative tasks to a virtual administrator, you’re investing in your practice and your dental team. Simply put, you cannot expect to continue building your practice unless you’re delegating some of your team’s workload to virtual administrators.

How do virtual administrators save me time? 

Hiring a new team member takes time and resources that you might not be able to spare. For example, hiring a new team member may require several weeks of training. And training that new team member may require you or another veteran team member to postpone more important duties, like contacting new and existing patients.

Therefore, hiring a virtual administrator that is already trained and experienced in dental billing and insurance allows you to focus your efforts on your patients. 

How do virtual administrators save me money?

When your front office team is feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, it leads to lower employee productivity and retention. In fact, experts believe that employee burnout contributes to approximately $500 billion in losses yearly. 

Therefore, delegating administrative tasks to virtual administrators takes immense pressure away from your team. Additionally, hiring virtual employees may raise your current employee retention rate (saving you even more time and money!). 

Furthermore, virtual administrators do not receive benefits, vacation days, or paid time off. Also, you won’t need to buy additional computers or equipment, because virtual administrators use their own in the comfort of their homes! 

Hire an experienced virtual administrator today!

According to Global Workplace Analytics, you could save over $10,000 a year per part-time virtual administrator that you hire. And when you hire a virtual administrator from Dental Practice Enhancement, you can feel confident that you’re hiring an experienced employee committed to reaching your practice’s goals. 

Are you ready to get started? Give Dental Practice Enhancement a call now at 883-DPE-FOR-U or reach us online here.

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